Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My studio

I love looking at other peoples studio spaces so here's a few snap shots of where I work and some of my inspirations.


sooziebee said...

Your studio looks fab, it has made me think I need to get more pictures up in mine. It look so bare, compared to your lovely colourful walls. Must put on my to-do list!!

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing - what an inspiring space!

Blueberry Park said...

Is that really your studio? Can I move in?

Hannah said...

Wow!! It may sound silly but looking at the pics of your studio today made me feel very emotional & has inspired me to start my own blog. Thank you.

Homemakers Tales . said...

Cloth kits tell me more !!!! i so love them i bought lots on the 70/80s is it the same ones ? i have tried many times to find them so will wait till you tell me more !!!


zembla said...

Have bought some stuff of you over the years (ebay) Watching you evolving has been inspiring to me!
For me you are celebrity status! Your blog is the icing on the cake.
I am still searching what could work for me (Sad houswife 4kids!) but I know I will get there one day! I will continue popping into your blog ever so often! Your fab!!