Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Lifebuoy cafe in Fowey goes vintage!

A new cafe has just opened in Fowey called the Lifebuoy. It will have a fab vintage feel. It can be found at 8 Lostwithial Street, Fowey, Cornwall. Here are eight of the twenty vintage fabric cushions I'm making for it. I can't wait to visit there this summer!


kirsty said...

Oooh, I love Fowey! Will make sure I check out the cafe next time I'm there - the fabrics are fab!

aiman said...

i just love the vintage designs on your blog! wonderful work! nice blog:)

Quincifer said...

I am from Fowey!!! (unfortunately I moved away a while ago..)
What gorgeous designs, I will look out for them next time I am down there :)

Thelifebuoycafe said...

The Lifebuoy Cafe has now been open a whole year and the cushions Jane made for us still look great.
You can check us out on our new website