Saturday, 7 August 2010

Jane Foster's apple print and vintage 60s apple bag

Did some A3 size screen printing yesterday - my 'Pretty flower' print in pale blue and my 50s apple design print in bold yellow and red. Have also included a photo of my new vintage 60s fabric bag bought from etsy. I just love the fabric.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Short break

I shall be having a short break between 2nd - 5th August and shall be back to deal with all orders on Friday 6th August.

Marianne Westman's Picknick tray and cushions

My Marianne Westmann Picknick tray arrived yesterday along with a tea towel (that's now 2 cushions for my living room!). I love this pattern and am so thrilled it's been re-launched.

Jane Foster - screen printed cushions

Have really enjoyed returning to screen printing fabric for these linen cushions that are off to a new gallery in St Ives called Birds of a feather.