Thursday, 9 September 2010

Groag fabric cushion and other 50s 60s ones

Have had a lovely time making these cushions - discovered by pure chance that one of my fabric pieces on my shelf is designed by Jaqueline Groag. It's featured in her new book and is called Aquarius. It was designed in 1969 for John Lewis. It's the one with deep pinks and oranges. Will be loading more of these onto my cushion site shortly.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Fabulous new magazine Kleinformat

I wanted to tell you all about a fabulous new quarterly trendy craft magazine called Kleinformat. It's a lovely miniature sized colourful magazine dedicated to wonderful blogs, hand made items, quirky homes, children's clothes and toys etc.. It's full of articles and interviews and plenty of fabulous photos. Each colourful cover has 12 circular stickers on the front and back, representing different websites. The magazine is 4,70 Euro and can be found on the internet
I was lucky enough to be interviewed in this second publication with my chicken print.