Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Original 70s children's wallpaper - seller Jane Foster

I love vintage wallpaper and wish that I'd designed this!! I'd be so proud! I'm offering pieces of this wonderful hand printed 70s wallpaper for sale from my other etsy shop here. Will also be adding others from my collection.


Tracey said...

yup think anyway would of been happy to design them, they look terrific.

Peter and Sarah Slight said...

We are trying to come up with some ideas for a mural in our new nursery,
the pink elephant and the lion head are my favourite

these are great,
thanks for the inspiration!

Weslava said...

Какой чудесный слоник!!!:)))

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

I love this so much! very inspiring design, especially love the elephant.

M.M.E. said...

How cute! I wish my mother had put that in my room when I was little instead of the scary dolls she chose.

Josie Crafter @ homemade and happy said...

Ah, Jane, you lucky thing - did you find this on ebay?! I was watching then caught a dreaded bug and didn't get to bid on it !!
Right, so now I'm off to your etsy shop !!!
Happy days to you,

Cinna said...

Wow, nostalgic and happy feelings seeing the wallpaper.