Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday beach trip - Gara Rock, Devon

It was a gloriously sunny day here in Devon today so we decided we needed to get out and have some fresh air. We asked our daughter where she'd like to go for a walk and she suggested a beach walk at Gara Rock. We parked at the top and took the coastal path down to the beach. The scenery is just breathtakingly beautiful from all angles. We passed some sheep which Polly calls the 'Blueberry sheep' as they've all got blue ink markings. There were only a handful of others on the beach and at one point, we spotted a seal who kept appearing, much to our daughter's amazement.
I looked for sea glass, driftwood and then lay on the sand soaking up the sun and listening to the large waves. Polly paddled and created a dam. The afternoon ended with drinks and falafel from the wonderful Gara Rock cafe.


Dotty Jo x said...

Looks wonderfully relaxing! Jo x

Ryan said...

It looks like a great day at a beautiful spot. Sometimes I like the beach better in Winter because there are less people.

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roth phallyka said...

Looks wonderfully relaxing! Jo x

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